Sunday, February 26, 2006

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Metal: A Headbangers Journey
i went to see this film today @ the uptown theatre... tbh, i wasn't expecting it to be much, maybe a bit infomative but nothing more. what i got was an amazing look into the history, culture and influence of metal. now, imma metal fan \m/ and have been introduced to many different genres of metal and i was so very surprised and completely in AWE of how well samuel dunn managed to sort, define and organize such a complex "metal tree"... i am no movie critic (as previously stated) so let's not even pretend that i can be of ANY use to you for details or flowery words to describe this film... just go see it!!! even if you aren't a metal fan, you'll at least have a better understanding of the genre and be able to appreciate its complexities...


Friday, February 24, 2006

for some reason i love this...

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Send this to 5,477 people in your mailing list...

...or suffer from a scorching case of herpes, leprosy, dandruff and deadly gingivitis.

Have you ever received one of those emails? You know. The kind where someone had tea with the Dalai Lama, was given super-human advice on how to treat their fellow man/woman and then told to put it into a .pps presentation or lowly email-forward and send it around the globe 29 times? The email that tells you, at the end, of all the tragic and violent ways in which you will suffer if you don't hit "Forward" and send it to as many people as you can. Or, how about the ones that enclose a touching story of human kindness. The time when Timmy was trapped in a well? The touching story of how someone did something very nice for someone else and in turn taught someone else how to be very nice to someone else and how that very nice thing was seen by someone else who did something for someone… You get my point. Now, if you choose not to forward that email to EVERYONE in your address book then you're cruel, heartless, mean, and just plain Evil ™.

A couple things People ™… STOP the madness. Do you *really* think that, when walking home after a long/hard day @ work and you get hit by a bus that it was because you didn’t send out that cookie-dough recipe that was forwarded to you? That the email TRULY predicted your fate because you chose not to inundate your contact list with the same garbage that you received? Mmmmok, just think about it for one moment. Is your inbox clairvoyant?? And to all those people who lecture on about the virtues of humankind @ the bottom of these "heart-wrenching" emails I have this to say: SOD OFF! Do NOT sit there and presume to think b/c *I* choose not forward something that could possibly have touched my tiny black heart that it speaks ANYTHING of my character. It made you feel good, it made you think, it made you smile, it made you cry, it made you want to do something good for the world. Great. I'm happy for you. BUT. Do not send me it with those idiotic addendums! I don't need to be told when to be "nice" or when to "care". Furthermore, how to care, what to care for or how heartless I am if I don’t send out the email ("including the person that sent it to you") - an email People ™. You do not know what I think or what I do and by telling me that I am cruel or that my non-actions will "leave the world a little bit colder in the process". And why, above ANYTHING would you wish hexes upon the those that you would send this stuff to. Guaranteed, when you send me shit like that, I NEVER send it out, back, up, down, whatever. The bad luck stops here. I am the heartless bish that clicks "DELETE"!

Don’t get me wrong, I like a nice tear-jerker email as much as the next person, but when you attach conditions to something like that it just cheapens the message. Be gone SPAM! Go back to the blackest depths of the junk mail folder from whence ye came! Believe me, I'm not ranting because I feel guilty about not sending out such emails with such *subtle* messages added (insert sarcasm). Nothing could be further from the truth. I am truly exhausted fending off the Evil Forces of Non-forwarded Emails!!! (again, insert sarcasm) C'mon, just think about what you're sending out to your friends. What a waste! Send the bad karma on to your foes instead!!! Find your ex's email list and send THEM the back luck. Oh, geesh, settle down People ™. I wouldn't wish the fleas of a thousand camels infesting thine armpits if you don’t forward my blog address on to any of your friends.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

a picture is worth a million words...

i was asked to blog about what was my favourite childhood memory... this picture tells stories that i couldn't possibly put into words... this was my childhood... the beach, my grandparents, fun, the outdoors, carefree, happy, family and so much more...

Friday, February 17, 2006

did i tell you...

my tickets for Opeth arrived in the mail the other day...
i'm so excited!!

And now for something completely different…

What I find very interesting is how one finds themselves reading blogs. I mean, not everyone is into this entire internet subculture of blogging. I find myself often being many things to many people out there that I would never have been otherwise. People shouting out into the mass, at some blank wall or at some giant crowd, whatever or whomever it is they perceive is out there reading.

And its even funny how people start to even blog with similar themes or similar stories, just as I am right now. A few recent blog entries on places I often visit have been asking themselves the proverbial question: To blog or not to blog? A lot of people are being a bit reflective of the whole notion of blogging. Its purpose. Why they've come to do it. Do others know they do it or is it anonymous? What does it provide for them.

If you read my title box you will see one of the reasons I started blogging. I was asked by a friend to start blogging some thoughts. I wasn't sure why they wanted me to do this but I guess maybe they felt I had a bit of a voice to say *something* about *something* so I thought I would experiment a bit and see where things went. I didn't know if blogging was going to take off for me. I'm a bit of a paradox. I am a guarded person and with a cynical and suspicious nature. On the other hand, I am overly opinionated and impetuous. And now, here I am, almost 8 months later and post one-hundred and thirty something. Admittedly, some posts are silly quiz results or a gratuitous picture thrown in here and there. These are my thoughts. They might not be cohesive or brilliant or sane or even something you would agree but they're mine. They might change over the years, my opinions might change, but for now, these are my thoughts, these are my opinions, these are my words. This is my voice.

Whatever role you are playing, I appreciate your participation. I too have played many roles for fellow bloggers. I play voyeur; watching people's lives unfold before me and even if I know or not know that whatever they're typing is real, I become an audience and in doing so, I become a participant. I play amateur therapist to a host of issues; people screaming into the darkness their innermost secrets. I play punching bag to their angst; a victim to their venomous words of anger and frustrations. I play priest to their confessions; a quiet box where they relinquish their sins and transgressions. I play audience for their comedic performances; laughing at their witty compostions whether real or mere anecdotes.

I don't keep a written journal. I've always found that to be a bit daunting. I love to write, although most times not very well, I have found that when I put ink to paper I become frustrated with the result and never really reach an end product. Maybe it’s the perfectionist in me. My blog feels informal and casual; I know I'm not trying to create some enlightened piece of work. Maybe that's why it has been easier this way. Maybe that is why I have found it to be a number of things for me as I feel I am for other people's blogs too. It is my place to rid myself of angst… melancholy… silliness… despair… goofiness… suffering… weakness… strength… comfort… happiness… It is my confessional… my fortress of solitude… my blog…

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Happy Anniversary?... Erm... No.

Ok. Here's what's up. My parents are still married. But for how long, I am not sure. They've had a rocky life, that's an understatement, and ever since I can remember my mother has suffered from clinical depression. My father was pretty much absent from our childhood as he works in oil & gas and has worked very odd hours or just actually out @ camp for 75% of the year. My mum, from what I have seen, has never truly been happy. She was married @ 16 with a baby and I guess has never really done anything for herself. Not even since I left home 14 years ago, the last of the two kids to "escape", has she really manage to find something for herself. My father, although still working lot of hours, is home every night now but is still "absent" in a sense. I have seen their interaction, which is to say, I have seen their non-interaction. Both have revealed to me in recent conversations that they have nothing in common and probably never had. Through the years my mother has grown so unhappy there are points when she just decides to take off and leave. My earliest recollection of her leaving was when I was 7 years old. I was half way through the 1st grade and my mum gave my sister and I some money to go to the Saturday matinee at the local theatre. Now, we grew up in a town of 3,000 people @ the time and going to the theatre a block and a half away wasn't too scary. My sister was 9 and it was something my mum would let us do once in a while. This was the first time she allowed us to walk home alone, though. I wasn't scared, I was too excited! We were told to go to grandma's house (which was right next door to ours) after the movie and she would come get us for dinner. She didn't show up. Instead, my dad got home from work and we spent a week living @ grandma's. I guess I wondered where my mum was the following weekend when we went back home and my dad tried to make us kids breakfast on Saturday morning. Kid's weekend breakfast was usually sweet-cereal and a piece of toast. Dad, being as much absent then as he was later on, proceeded to cook us each one egg, sunnyside up. It kind of dawned on me that mum wasn't there to make sure things were done "right". Dad finally found where my mum had disappeared to and when he did (which was, from what I was told, about a month later) he gathered us up in the car and drove 400km to where she was staying with her brother. We slept all the way there in the back seat of the car, got carried inside to my uncle's and tossed into the same beds with cousins that I barely knew. I remember being scared and wondering where I was. I could hear the muffled voices of my mum and dad talking through the night as I stared at the strange wooden paneled walls and dozed in and out of sleep. The next day the entire family got into the car and went home. We stopped @ A&W (a burger place) on the way back, I had my first "whistle dog" (completely loaded hot dog) and I got to keep the glass mug that my rootbeer had come in. Pretty vivid for a 7 year old's memory. Over the years my mum has come and gone. Gotten upset and left. Sometimes we've gone with her… sometimes not. Trust me on this, I'm not taking sides. I think whatever happens in a marriage, it certainly takes two to allow it to happen -at least in most cases- and so I hold no one person in this situation more accountable than the other. But this time. I am not certain as it has happened so many times in my life, I think that it has the potential to be quite final. I try to be there for both of my parents. I have, over the years discovered that I am the person that both of them come to when they need to talk about anything. I have realized that sometimes neither of them likes what I have to say but I have also realized they appreciate my candidness. I have realized at a very young age that my parents are all too human; that both of them make terrible mistakes, just like everyone else. They're not perfect. I have realized that I am my father's best friend and my mother's as well. I realize I cannot fix their problems. I realize that no matter what it is that I say to them, they are going to have to decide to make their own choices. I have realized in some ways, in a lot of ways, our roles have reversed. There's just so many thing wrong with their situation that I also realize that maybe, just maybe, it isn't ever going to be "right". I admire my parents' tenacity although I don’t understand it. My pops said to me last night, "Maybe this should have happened sooner, but for whatever reason, whether it be you kids, or for financial reasons or whatever… there was always a reason to stay together". I said "No pops, there was always an excuse." "Yah kid, you're right." I have never claimed my parents had a perfect marriage, but maybe I held on to the fact that they at least had a marriage, which is something to admire in this day and age; but the kind of marriage they had, at least at this point, wasn't. February 13th was their 35th wedding anniversary.

not on my watch...

When one rides public transit every day one is bound to encounter some odd individuals. I mean, *I* am one of those odd individuals to someone. I know this, I admit this, I am "OK" with this. I usually see the same people every day on the bus. Regulars. But there are times when people will hop on the bus b/c it is the first one that arrives and pretty much takes the same route, etc… I usually sit in the back row, right corner seat and doze in and out of consciousness in the 40-50 minute commute. I don't pay a *lot* of attention to the people around me, mostly b/c they're regulars and mostly b/c they are as uninteresting as I am sitting there tuning out the world. But this one particular day in December I noticed this man sitting in front of me grabbing his left arm, massaging it and wincing. He would periodically reach into his coat's sleeve and rub his arm, wince again and then relax a bit, closing his eyes. I became concerned when this pattern didn't cease. Not to mention, he was a red-headed gentleman and was turning absolutely beet-red. I watch, not sure whether to briefly review CPR in my head as I hadn't been in a CPR class in ages. I kept thinking… "Not on my watch!!" I don't know if I could really handle it. Well, he hops off the bus a few stops before mine. Now, I hadn't seen him again… at least until the other day! (Phew!!) There he was, sitting on the other side of the bus. Not grabbing his arm. Not wincing. Not massaging or rubbing in pain. Nope. He sat there for 50 minutes chewing his gum. And when I say chewing, I mean DESTROYING! This man kept a rapid gum-chewing-pace I could only look upon with awe. Every time I glanced over at him he was chewing like he was trying out for the Bubbalicious Olympic decathalon. He chewed it sideways; he chewed it frontways; he chewed from the back of his mouth; he chewed with his head tilted forward; with his head backwards and mouth wide open; with his eye closed; with his eyes wide open; he chewed it on the bus; he chewed it off the bus... you name it, he chewed it. I was relieved to see he had not suffered a massive coronary, that he lived to chew another day. I have NEVER seen anyone chew gum so enthusiastically!! I was right impressed by it to be perfectly honest. Yah yah, I know. Not exactly a terribly interesting thing to blog about, but you have to understand the SHEER MAGNITUDE this man was chewing his gum and you will understand why I needed to tell you all about it. To borrow an entirely OVERUSED expression, he was the "energizer bunny" of gum chewing! *waggles eyebrows* And, did I mention he was a red head? (moreover, I have a weakness for red-heads)…

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day XXXXXsnogsXXXXX

Monday, February 13, 2006

Valentine's Day Underoo Selection

so i was thinking. what sort of underoos are you people wearing for vday? my usual attire on this solemn occasion is all black with special dedication into my underoo selection... not that you need to know, but imma share anyway... mine will be of the red satin & lace variety... no, i will not take pictures although im sure there are a few of you that wouldn't mind seeing a fat girl in her sexy underoos... i also know its not always the preference but do remember this is a blog written by a proud sexy fat chick... anyway... the tradition for wearing black with sexy knickers started back over a decade ago and has continued on ever since... i used to use the corny phrase "celibating Independence Day" but that got rather old after some years -feel free to use it however i hold no TM... but, whatever you choose to wear to mark this festive occasion (sponsored in part by Hallmark (tm) and Lindt (tm)) i certainly hope that your vday underoo selection is a conscious one!

Sunday, February 12, 2006

The Dutch Problem Test

You are 89% loyal to the future of mankind!

You are of proper conviction! You have a firm grasp of the problem at hand, and are unlikely to shun away from the methods needed to tackle it! Welcome, brother! Together we shall purge this world of these insidious Dutch and make it a better place!

Expect an email or phone call soon. We have no time to lose!

Link: The Dutch Problem Test written by Peppie on Ok Cupid, home of the 32-Type Dating Test

The Monty Python Character Test

Mrs. Conclusion
You scored 37 Stubborn, 68 Crazy, 70 Agressive, and 88 Evil!

Wicked wicked old lady. (To the right).
Apperance: Monty Python's Flying Circus
High Light: "Burying The Cat"

Mrs. Conclusion: Hullo, Mrs. Premise.
Mrs. Premise: Hullo, Mrs. Conclusion.
Mrs. Conclusion: Busy Day?
Mrs. Premise: Busy? I just spent four hours burying the cat.
Mrs. Conclusion: *Four hours* to bury a cat?
Mrs. Premise: Yes - it wouldn't keep still.
Mrs. Conclusion: Oh - it wasn't dead, then?
Mrs. Premise: No, no - but it's not at all well, so as we were going to be on the safe side.
Mrs. Conclusion:Quite right - you don't want to come back from Sorrento to a dead cat. It'd be so anticlimactic. Yes, kill it now, that's what I say. We're going to have to have our budgie put down.
Mrs. Premise: Really - is it very old?
Mrs. Conclusion: No, we just don't like it. We're going to take it to the vet tomorrow.
Mrs. Premise: Tell me, how do they put budgies down, then?
Mrs. Conclusion: Well, it's funny you should ask that, because I've just been reading a great big book about how to put your budgie down, and apparently you can either hit them with the book, or you can shoot them just there, just above the beak.
Mrs. Premise: Just there? Well, well, well. 'Course, Mrs Essence flushed hers down the loo.
Mrs. Conclusion: No, you shouldn't do that - no, that's dangerous. They *breed* in the *sewers*!

Monty Python Character Test written by KamikazeParrot on Ok Cupid, home of the 32-Type Dating Test

Thursday, February 09, 2006

And the Grammy ™ goes to…


  • SONG OF THE YEAR: Sometimes You Can’t Make It on Your Own, U2.
  • ROCK ALBUM: How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb, U2.
  • ROCK PERFORMANCE BY A DUO OR GROUP WITH VOCAL: Sometimes You Can’t Make It on Your Own, U2.
  • ROCK SONG: City of Blinding Lights, U2.
  • ALBUM OF THE YEAR: How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb, U2.

Hmmm. Sweep. It's lovely. I will admit to being a U2 fan since I was 14. Yes yes, I am part of the hordes of people that latched on to U2 after the release of the Joshua Tree in 1987. Since then I have been in love with the Irish band through good times and bad. Sadly, I have seen them in concert only 4 times but loved every performance. Last night's Grammy Awards gave me two thoughts, actually. That U2 is still the best rock band in the world and that U2 has a tough act to follow; their own. Now, some believe that U2 reached their musical senility in the form of Achtung Baby. I think, however, these people were/are sad that U2 perhaps took a different path for a few years short of a decade. There's nothing wrong with being different and experimenting and I think that path is what has brought U2 back to the foundation/core/root of their passion. True rock music. This is expressed in their last two albums. Now, I am no music critic. I just know what I like. And I like U2. It will be interesting to see what the band has in store for us in the future. Could they possibly make an album that could surpass the success of How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb? Now? After all this time? Ha. When U2 was inducted into the Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame in their first year of eligibility, I remember Bono saying something to the effect of, "Not now. We're not done yet." I agree. And even though I might think that they could have released their last great album, I have nothing but hope and faith that they can still write and perform incredible music. They're not dead yet! I hope I will retract the first part of the previous sentence. Words I will happily eat!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


I was reading a blog earlier this morning that I found to be quite interesting and sparked a few comments back and forth between the author of the blog and myself. Now, a bit of history. I found this blog through my friend's comment section and thought I would check it out and I have to admit, it is a blog that I frequently read and sometimes leave a few comments on. Yes yes, I know. I have not activated the comment section on my blog. And it isn't b/c I don't care what you really think… ok, it *is* b/c I don't care what you really think. HAHA! Regardless of that, I found what he said to be quite interesting. He was commenting on how people can be a bit elitist in some aspects of their lives. Mostly pointing to looking down on someone for their personal tastes and it got me to thinking about how I know that *I* do that to a lot of people. In music, literature, art… even every day things like clothes, hair, shoes WHATEVER (I think it is absolutely inherent and unavoidable). No matter where we are, we are constantly judging people; even looking down on them, though we don’t like to admit it (obviously). We make "assessments" of people before they even open their mouths. What they look like, what they're wearing, how they walk... we're looking @ their demographic and judging them on such things like gender, age, etc. Dresses conservatively? Dresses oddly? I am constantly being bombarded by people who look @ me with a raised eyebrow for many reasons. I work in the corporate world. I excel @ my job, but admittedly, I am a bit of an odd duck & often times in my own world. I don’t dress like a business woman, I look different than 99% of the people that I ride the elevators with in the morning. I'm a fat chick, I wear heavy dark eyeliner to work, doc martens, I have a bright ruby red streak in my hair and wear black nailpolish. Do I get judged for this? Sure. Do people around me think less or me b/c I look different than they do? Sure. Do I care? No. I am just being me. Judge me all you want. If I disagree with you, I won't be too shy to let you know what I think of it. Now with regards to me. Do I think that the 99% I ride the elevator with need to lighten up? Yes. Am I being judgmental? Yes. As I said in a previous blog. I *know* these people believe they are living a life that is unique. Just like I think I am. "You are unique, just like everyone else." And so when it comes down to it, it is entirely inconsequential that me and these other people differ in tastes from books, movies, music, art, whathaveyou. Yet we're constantly trying to best each other in these things. Out-snob each other in these things. Live better than our fellow man in these things. Would I be a better person if I watched March of the Penguins over The 40-year old Virgin? (btw, saw both films… loved them!!) I don't think so. But someone out there DOES think that. I'm ok with that. I *know* what I am taking away from both films, I know that neither says much about me as a person. No one knows the ideas & thoughts that are in my head but me. *Makes sure her tin-foil hat is securely fastened* Regardless of whether or not we think we are above judgment, the truth is we are constantly making judgments about others. This other blogger pointed out to me that it is the belittling that makes the difference. To a point, I agree. However if someone chooses to not grow, move beyond, or *gasp* better themselves by trying new things, exploring new facets of Life, the Universe, Everything, then I think they have every reason to be judged. We are in control of our own lives and most of us live in countries where we are able to explore such wonderous things freely. Experiment with life and art and science and cultures and expand who we are. We need to *really* do those things for fear of sinking into the mass. I think that's the bottom line. Another commenter/observer/reader in the blogger's comment section said something about people being extreme and going against the grain. HELL YES!! Let me put it this way. I'd rather *know* I am even SLIGHTLY different in some way than wonder if I am just like everyone else. It isn't for trying to be different, its for just being who I am. Will that make me look down on others for not being true to themselves? I'll answer that with a question. Shouldn't it?

Stolen Survey...

Spell your first name backwards: sdrawkcab eman tsrif ruoy

Story behind your name: "I heard it somewhere and liked it" - My Mum

How old are you: Thirty Three

Where do you live: Calgary, Canada

Toothbrush: something by Reach or Oral b. However, imma get the sonic thingy!

Jewelry worn daily: earrings

Pillow cover: currently my beige and taupe set from the superstore

Sunglasses: admittedly, the first woman of klutzhood. Very cheap drug-store brand which are replaceable for $5. however, they are HAWT!

Favorite shirt: my "fat chicks rule!" shirt that I made @ girls weekend!! Whooo!

Cologne/Perfume: Happy by Clinique

CD in stereo right now: Opeth - Damnation

Piercings: One per ear.

What you are wearing now: faded-wash brown denim pants, chocolate brown long-sleeve (flared) shirt with a wide drop-v-neck and embroidery around the v. Brown tank shirt underneath to cover inappropriate cleave-display, black 8-eye docs, tortoise glasses and a smile!! (of course necessary underoo selection which I will also include that my socks are shades of dark pinks and black stripes!!)

Wishing: I was on vacation. Any of the following places: Iceland, Italy, Northern Europe, Greece, Egypt, Russia, New Zealand, UK… errmmm…

Wanting: Endless vacation days to complete above list!

What will you be doing for the remainder of the day: catch bus @ 4:10, go to safeway for grocery shop, put said groceries away, have a bite to eat, play on computer, hang out, watch Underworld, ZZZZZzzz… in b/w pets and smoochies and stuffs...

Some of your favorite movies: Army of Darkness, Evil Dead II, A Clockwork Orange, Apocalypse Now, LOTR, The Godfather, A&E Pride & Prejudice, Happy Gilmour, American Psycho... Oy! Seriously, I could really go on forever and you don’t want me to do that.

The last thing you ate: Orchid Fruit Gummies

Something that you are deathly afraid of: the sudden stop at the end of a height.

Do you like the taste of blood: Yes

Do you believe in love: Yes

Do you believe in soul mates: Yes

Do you believe in love at first sight: Should I walk by again?

Do you believe in Heaven: Should I walk by again? HAHA, kidding. Uhmm, no.

Do you believe in God: Maybe. Ermmm, actually not capital G, small o, small d. I think there might be something... Believe me, it is not "maybe" b/c I haven't thought about it. Its b/c I have thought about it too much.

What do you want done with your body when you die: BBQ me with some sauce and have a party.

If you could have any animal for a pet, what would it be? I have my two puppas and my kitty, but I would love to have a turtle. And maybe a tarantula. And a snake.

What is the longest you've ever stayed up? 70 hours. I was completely delirious @ the end of it. I slept for a SOLID 11 hours afterwards!

What are some of your favorite candies: Sour Patch Kids, Orchard Fruit Gummies, Junior Mints, Sweet Tarts, Swedish Berries

What's something that you wish people would understand about you? Ermm… nothing.

What's something you wish you could understand better? How DO they get the soft flowing caramilk inside the Caramilk bar?

How many people have you kissed? Not enough to catch herpes II !! Whooooo!

Are you shy around your crush? Errmm… Currently uncrushing

Still have feelings for anyone you've been in a past relationship? There are people that I will always love b/c they are still a part of me and reasons why I am who I am...

Do you know what it feels like to be in love? absolutely

Would you sacrifice your favorite possession for your best friends? of course


Where is your favorite place to shop? Being a fat chick I have limited options. I do love Pennington's, Addition-Elle, Old Navy, Lane Bryant… I also LOVE internet shopping!

What is your favorite thing to wear? Camo/Army pants, fat chicks rule! Shirt, doc martens, comfy jeans, jack hoodie, oh I have lots of clothes I love!!!

What is a must have accessory? Lip balm

How much is the most you've ever spent on a single item of clothing? Imma clothes horse, but I'm cheap.

Who is the least fashionable person you know? Me

Do you match your belt with your hair color? Ermmm… no.

How many pairs of shoes do you own? No comment.

What is the worst trend you see today? Wearing your charity on your wrist. (Charity wrist bands) TACKY!!

Do you do drugs? Uhmmm… Drink.

What kind of shampoo do you use? Dove

What would you change about yourself? Indeed I have too many character flaws... some of those things...

What are essentials in your life? Music, Family, Friends & Beer

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Merry Groundhog Day!

ok... so the groundhog, Balzac Billy (Alberta), didn't see his shadow and that means the end of winter and spring is just around the corner. BLAH! people are rejoicing. i say "we never had any stinkin' winter!" and rightly so, we didn't! it really kinda yoinks my knickers when people complain about the cold weather. here's a solution: MOVE! you don't want to freeze your nards/tits off in the minus degrees, what the fook are you doing here??

things that irritate me about people & reactions weather:

  • in general... the weatherman/woman/person - duh!
  • radio personalities - why must they complain every time there is a bluddy fucking cloud in the sky???
  • skinny co-workers claiming is cold when its 30° C
  • skinny co-workers wearing parkas to prove above point
  • weird co-workers running gheyly to next building like a puss with arms wrapped around them, ass sticking out, giggling like a girl (was that too personal?? - you know who you are, punk!)
  • jungle jane keeping the heat on @ 30° C when its 30° C outside!! (isn't that the temperature you bake poultry???)
  • people, when the first snow hits the ground they complain and say "i can't wait for spring!"
  • people who refuse to remove the snow from their vehicles when it snows
  • people wearing all winter gear when it hits -1° C

i LOVE winter!! i love cold cold weather! i'd rather freeze to death than be mildly uncomfortable in the heat. i need snow! i need cold! dont get me wrong. summer is meant to be enjoyed. hiking and camping and all those fun things. but the fact that we even HAVE winter (except this year) is a bluddy frickin blessing! if you dont like it... again, i say... MOVE!

i hope winter wins! bring on the ice age!