Tuesday, July 29, 2008

New beginnings?

It's bluddy hot here.
I mean, its HOT!

Ok, so what has been going on lately...

To be perfectly honest, my year has been full of mighty extremes... From the insanely awesome travel adventures overseas to the craptastic face-paralyzing Bell's Palsy.

Stress has been a guiding factor and it seemed to have just managed to unleash itself upon my mug. Lovely. I mean, no, it isn't Cancer. It could be Cancer. *hugs out to Grunto who has been an inspirational model* I shouldn't bitch and moan about it, but dammit, its what has happened to me. Me. And I've had to deal with having no movement of my face for over 3 months. Thanks to the wonders of acupuncture and my amazing trip overseas, the movement has come back about 60%. I look forward to more healing! But imagine what it is like to wake up one day and suddenly have 1/2 your face paralyzed... It was... indescribable.

And yah, life will be constantly filled with these sorts of moments, events, crisis, I realize that. I am not a complete numptie. I just wish they really didn't come down all at the same time.

I have been remiss. Ok, remiss isn't even the word for it, the only excuses I have for not blogging are a complete load of bollocks. However, the brilliant thing is, I hope that I am out of this anti-expressive phase. The sine wave of my blogging will probably always exist, I am not as dedicated as my Grunto friend (he's brill), but I think I am at a place where things might be able to now flow out of me, rather than just into me and get stuck in a xmas-light-tangle of emotions.

So onwards and upwards!

To infinity and beyond! (That really makes no sense, honestly... It's crap, really...)