Wednesday, March 28, 2007

makes me giggle

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Can I quote you on that?...

Inspired by the Logo™
Basically, most of the people I know quote movies and television programmes in their every-day conversations... Some, granted, are more geekier than others *cough* but here are just a few things that can and slash or usually pop out of my mouth in a day's worth of conversation...
"No [soup] for you!"
"My eyes! My eyes! Zee goggles do nahzing!"
"You keel mai fadder... prepare to dai..."
"Ekki Ekki Ptang!"
"She turned me into a newt...I got better."
"Me fail english? Unpossible."
"Tricksedy Hobbitsssses!"
"No more "and then"!!!"
"Klaatu! Veratu! N*cough sputter gurgle*rrmmtrrr!"
"Soylent Green Is People!"
"Have fun storming da castle!"
"E-ville. Like the Froo-its of the Dev-ville."
"Things are afoot at the Circle K"
"I. Like. To. Play. *ting!*"
"The old in-out."
"Hai Faivah!"
"Dear eight pound six ounce, Baby Jesus..."
"The Black Knights always triumph!"
"Naughty Zoot!"
"Hello, Dave."
"Shop Smart. Shop S-mart."
"He is not the Messiah. He's a very naughty boy!"
"Stone him!"
"Feeeeeeeed Meeee, Seymour!!"
"That's gunna hurt come winter."
"Gaddammit Kyle!"
"Mmmmm... hog fat."
"Me love you long time."

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


I haven't felt much like blogging lately...
Maybe things on this blog have run their course...
Maybe I've just ran out of things to share...
Road Block.
I mean, if you know me, you will know that I rarely run out of things to say... I just always run out of things to share...
I must confess, now that I think about it, I think what might be blocking me is that the things are happening inside my head are vera personal and not easy to subject to generalities.
On a side note, if any of you are curious... here are some things going on:

  • New job has me vera busy!! I love what I am doing now especially because it is such a huge learning curve. I feel productive and overwhelmed at the same time.
  • Pedicure! They do an amazing job at this salon. However, the aesthetician said, while giving me a lower leg massage, that I am vera tense. Hmmm, I think I just need to just schedule more pedicures.
  • New movies I have seen and haven't mentioned (and rated!! My system is vera easy... each film is rated for the number of headbangs I will perform whilst talking about them... the scale is out of 10):
  • Pan's Labyrinth \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/
  • Zodiac \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/
  • 300 \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/
  • Music & Lyrics \m/ \m/ \m/
  • I am getting ready for my trip!! I am vera excited!! I am going to learn to pack light if it kills me! I can do one of two extremes. Pack light and bring NOTHING! or I can "Go Princess" and bring EVERYTHING! I've gone with door number one. Here is my new backpack from MEC. That and a carry-on, which is basically my Nikon, my mp3 player and a book... I guess I'll be sleeping a lot. Heh!
  • I got a new mp3 player. Oy Vey! This is a vera long story... I LOVE my iAudio, do NOT get me wrong. However my dog decided to play fetch with it one day and knocked the bluddy thing off the kitchen table whereupon it took a giant fall and numerous PAINFUL bounces (which I fondly refer to as The Great Drop of 2006) right onto the headphone jack. As it were, the headphones were still inserted into the headphone jack and consequently they managed to damage the delicate precision that is the bane of all technical devices. I sent it in for repair and it came back all funkadory(!!!) --with a slight problem. It now loses power continuously. The boasting feature about the iAudio X5L is not only its versatility but its incredible battery length. This problem occurs even while the player is "off". There has to be some sort of crazy alien force setting up a very small hydroponics operation INSIDE my iAudio. Blergh. Now, you may think "Oh, just send it back for repair!!" I agree. If only it were that simple. There are no current Canadian distributors of the iAudio and therefore, in order for me to have it repaired I have to send it to California, pay for shipping there and back and provide them with a money order for whatever amount they choose to disclose to me after reading my ticket. This will be the second time I will send it in. I am anticipating, if I send it in again, after I get it back, in total I will have spent about $200 USD to repair it (did I mention --uhh-- twice). Given currency conversion, my time, a small replacement mp3 player to hold me over (which I already purchased last time b/c I simply cannot live w/o music) and a lack of any guarantee that this will be the final time I ever send it in, I decided to purchase something closer to home and yes, the extended warranty. The iAudio is an phenomenal product, it it just unfortunate that it is so unknown to the mainstream and thereby really limiting its customer service potential. HOWEVER... *cue heavenly choir* I have purchased a Creative Zen Vision W and so far, I am loving it. Yes, I just got it yesterday, but I have loaded my music collection on it and some other media files and am so very pleased with the quality I am getting!! Yah, so... long story eh? Told ya.
  • I was in a car accident in February. I was rear-ended by some vera overzealous driver when it was super-icy. I am ok, no injuries to either party involved, but... Augh! YES! My new car has a boo-boo! The entire back bumper is cracked and shattered. It is supposed to be getting fixed this week, but I have yet to hear from the body shop as to whether or not the part has come in. I am not too optomistic about it, seeing as in those two days when we were hit with another blast of winter there were 900 reported accidents in the city. You may now gasp.
  • I am vera scared there will be no "good" coffee when I go on my trip. I am considering taking my own can of Tim's.
  • Never put on articles of clothing in the dark. Two hours after I got to work this morning I looked down at my feet and realized I had two different SHOES on. This is easy to do when you have two pairs of Crocs © in vera similar colours. Black and Chocolate Brown. Easy to mistake one for the other, right? Right??? The most curious thing about the mishap is apparently this is the *new* and *trendy* thing to do! It's allllll the rage with the emos or something. They're calling them "Twins". I kid you not. I'm always at the forefront of fashion. Ever the trendsetter.
  • I got two new sweaters yesterday and am wearing one today. It's charcoal grey. Vera cozy. Small cableknit. I liked it so much I bought a black one to match. See, "Twins"!
  • I'm thinking about getting a Blackberry.
  • The weather has been vera manic today. This morning it was a tidge frosty. That was replaced by quite heavy fog followed by an epic battle for the heavens between the dark grey clouds an big white fluffy ones... the white fluffy ones conquered breaking often to reveal a lovely azure blue sky. However, as ominous as ever, the dark and forboding clouds have regathered and are forming a rather strong southern alliance, pushing the white fluffy ones to the north. Yay grey!
  • For those that might be curious. My main World of Warcraft character Moeriel (Night Elf Druid) is now level 57!!! She is vera uber. I am now attuned to do instances like Onyxia, Molten Core & Blackwing Lair. For those of you that thought those sounded like a list of death metal bands it simply means that I get to go and kill big bad evil things with lots of other people wanting to kill big bad evil things. Onyxia is really pretty though. She's a huge black dragon with big teeth and flappy wings. If it were not for the expansion of World of Warcraft into The Burning Crusade, I would be almost completed my leveling. However since it's introduction I cannot pass go and I cannot collect $200 until I hit level 70! Well, I won't *really* get $200, but by then I hope I'll have collected 2000gold for uber new items!
For someone that didn't have much to say, I've certainly managed to type vera much.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

the strangest place i've ever slept...

ann suggested the topic...

the strangest place i've ever slept was not so much strange for the fact of sleeping there but for the reason WHY i slept there...

for the most part, my nights have been in either my bed or beds of people i know or on my couch or floor or the couches and floors of people i know... in beds of hotels or bed and breakfasts... now, i've passed out under trees at outdoor parties/cabin parties or beach parties... i've blacked out and woke up next to a treestump or flattened on a flight of stairs... but never an entire night...

so the story of the strangest place i've slept also begins with the eye-rolling phrase "omg, one night i was SOOOOO wasted..." so...

omg, one night i was SOOOOO wasted... my friends and i had been up most of the night drinking... i had downed my usual weekend staple of a entire 26oz bottle of vodka mixed into three VERY strong drinks in a 7-11 slurpee-cup... my poison of choice when i was 18 was vodka and gingerale... i had poured 1/3 of the 26oz bottle into the plastic container and filled the rest with gingerale. i was a "compact drunk". i required only a few ingredients for the soul purpose of getting me blitzkrieged beyond recognition... by time the night ended i had not only consumed the entire bottle by myself in the three aforementioned concentrations, but i managed to ingest a couple slurpee-cups of lukewarm beer from the kegger we had bought for the weekend.

my friend's parent's cabin was rather small, but almost every weekend of every summer we managed to cram ourselves -and few other stray acquaintances- into the place even if it meant passing out on top of each other in the process. per usual, i had secured my lodging for the night in one of the upstairs bedrooms and as i laid my dizzying head onto the pillow the familiar feeling of nausea overcame me and i bolted up straight away. the floors were a beautiful hardwood, which did not quite work with my wool socks and i found myself gliding ungracefully across the floor. i flumped down the stairs trying to maintain my balance with one hand covering my mouth and the other fumbling in the dark, attempting to lead the way. i found myself heaving over the side of the wooden deck. after emptying what i thought was left inside my stomach, i groggily drank a glass of water and headed back up the stairs. laying my head back onto the pillow, i once again was struck with the same persistent, exhausting and heaving waves of sickness. bluddy hell! my blasted socks proved to be a challenge for me to make it to the door in 1) one piece and 2) dry... i decided it was far too tiring to attempt to safely navigate the stairs any more that night and made my way to my car (yes, saundra, my faithful girl) and snuggled in the front seat with my cozy patchwork blankie and a bottle of water; every 15 minutes opening the door to lean out and dispose of the alcohol that had been slowly poisoning my body the entire night...

the above story is why i support teetotallers everywhere!

now, i sleep on the express bus EVERY DAY to and from work... is that considered strange?? b/c if so, then just ignore the above post...