Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Miss Mox...

Mox... Miss Mox... Boxie Moxie... Moxercise... Moxxles... Sloot... Little Houdini... Moxie...

R.I.P. Moxie

July 1, 1997 - July 6, 2011

Moxie was a part of my life since she was 5 weeks old. Today I had to let her go. Her overall health was getting poor (although she was still very spry and agile) but her mental health was fast deteriorating.
She was a brilliant cat, really.
A master escape artist who once ATE A DOOR...
She was a high flying acrobat.
Leader of the pack in the house.
Destroyer of $300 jeans.
She once ate an entire plate of barbequed hamburgers.
She killed a bumblebee the size of my big toe and displayed it for me conveniently on the stairway out of my basement room when I lived with my cousin.
She loved to sit in any kind of box and chill out.
She loved to lick plastic bags and usually @ 2am.
She once killed a swallow which her doggy sister Pheebs promptly ate and then promptly vomited back up again in front of a room of guests at a summer barbeque.
She moved along with me to California during my restless years (she was a part of the "everything I own" - which was a hockey bag of clothes and assorted items, a suitcase and my cat & her kennel).

There is no way to sum up fourteen years worth of memories. But I will never forget the day she picked me out at the SPCA. A room full of cats and people - all wide-eyed... THE QUESTION running over everyone's faces: "Which one am I going to take home?" I didn't have to make it. I walked through the room, peered in every kennel and cage, and as I approached her cage filled with her and 5 kittens she started to meow at me. She climbd and pulled herself up onto the wire of the cage and meowed her very... unique... meow. SHE picked ME. It was really a no-brainer.

I will miss you Mox... Give 'em hell up there!

<3 Mumma