Saturday, May 04, 2013

may the fourth be with you... and other things...

other things:

loving being off work...
i am getting so much accomplished at home that i never had time to do when i first moved into this house.
i am not sure i am even ready to work yet, but i am going to take the summer off and see how it goes.  i might end up being too bored to stay home and will need to find something right away.  
i was also thinking about starting a doggy day care.  people spend exorbitant amounts of money on their pets and it could be something really fun.  i love being home with my doggies all day.  would i like 20 of them?  maybe!?

and in other world news...
my niece is graduating high school this year.  i just can't believe it.  it makes me feel a bit old, tbh...  but what makes me more sad is that syn isn't here to see it.  ugh.  will not dwell!
there isn't much else going on... if i itemized all the things that kept me busy it would actually make me crazy... like how long it takes me to sort through one room!... that's insanity.  at least it's mostly done and i will be able to enjoy my summer without too much worry that i am neglecting things.

and here is a picture of my puppy who is 11 months old today