Wednesday, June 20, 2007

the "Moe"ment...

this is the moment it happened... my XP bar disappeared in a big flash of light :P
(if you don't know what i'm talking about, read the entry below)


So as some of you might know... I play World of Warcraft. I started back in September and have been playing a LOT of Warcraft!! I started off with a Female Dwarf Warrior named Thrashar and have managed to get her to level 10 (she's on another server)!!! Whooo! Impressive isn't it?

Well, actually in mid September I created my Night Elf Druid (Nelf Drood to the gamer-type-people! A little shout-out to you all!). I started leveling her up slowly. Uhhh, VERY slowly... I was in a little guild of friends (people I know from outside of game) and when they had all started to reach a certain level they moved on to a larger guild that did more raiding --FMH--. Raiding happens when you reach "end-game". End-game consists of raiding high-level dungeons, slaying huge monsters in the form of (then) 40-man raid groups (yes, 40 real life people banding together to kill/defeat or... well, hope not... wipe in a dungeon to obtain uber items to enter more difficult dungeons and kill more difficult creature to obtain uber uber items to... well, you get the picture)... This was all once achieved (and attunement could be started a couple levels before) at level 60.

In Novmeber, on a bit of a whim, I was encouraged to apply to this guild when Moeriel (Moe as she is fondly nicked) was a wee baby druid of level 26 *shock... gasp... oooo* Anyway, I got in and have been with the same guild ever since since... In January of 2007, Blizzard introduced The Burning Crusade... Making people obtain 10 more levels in a completely different continent with different items, dungeons creatures... the whole kit AND kaboodle!!... At this time Moe was level 44-ish... CRIKEY! I had another TWENTY SIX more levels to go!!

Alas... level 60 came... it also went... and there was no rest for me like a lot of guildies had had for the last *whatever* many months or slash years they have been playing! However, I did manage to experience some pretty intense raids in Onyxia and Molten Core... Yay me!... But I still had to make the seemingly ENDLESS climb to level 70...

Today... I achieve that milestone!

Here are some more screenies of what my character looks like now (this is her then)...

Moe atop a cliff outside of Shattrath City

Moe in Flightform
(achieved at level 68)
(Druids have shape-shift abilities -- see screenies of the other shifts I can do)

Moe in Moonkin Form
(31 Points in the Balance Tree)
This is my "spec"... Balance Druid with a bit of Resto...

Moe in Travel Form
(achieved at level 30)

Moe in Cat Form
(achieved at level 20)

Moe in Bear Form
(first shape-shift form given @ level 10)

There are still TONS of things for me to do in WoW... End-game attunement for large raids, rep grinding to do for certain factions --scryers, consortium, etc etc-- and lots of gold to be made for epic flightform! I have lots to do and I have so much fun doing it!
Anyway, a shout-out to my guildies who happen to read my blog... thanks for all the fish!

Mooning Moe...

Friday, June 08, 2007

What's Its Face...

So I don't get what the whole deal is with Facebook.
I hear that so many people are on Facebook and I have to say I'm just perplexed as to why... I even know some people that are on Facebook! I am not on it, myself... and here's why...
My humble opinion: [Please remember, this comes from Vera "Queen of the Cynics"... and do take precautionary measures when handling these grains of salt...]
1.) It's a perfect tool to be used by real-life and internet-stalkers.
I don't know about any of you, but I have met some odd people in real life and on the internet and why would I want to subject myself to a giant database for them to be able to retrieve information about me?
2.) Seems to be a never-ending high school reunion.
I ditched the regular 10-year high school reunion of people-I-never-wanted-to-see-again-anyway and reunited with my high school friends in a sort-of-private-ish-invite-only weekend on the 10th anniversary of my escape from Hell. People that have to contact you via Facebook are not in your 3-D life for a reason, right? The only reason why they are contacting you is primarily to brag about their 2 point five kids in private school, their massive mortgage debt and to sell you their pure-bred puppy dogs... which leads me to the next point...
3.) It is a "Look At Me And What I Have Done With My Life" forum.
Chances are the people that you never talk to on a regular basis in your 3-D life are only contacting you to talk about themselves anyway. Here's a tip: If you're not part of my email contacts or on any of my IM lists chances are I really don't care if you've won the lottery, finally got your sex-change operation and decided to come out of the closet. A) I knew you had a gambling problem aaaaaaaages ago, if I cared enough, I'd be glad it finally paid off; B) I can't clearly remember if you were male or female anyway, but if I cared I'd be happy for you and your self-expression; C) I'm not surprised.