Thursday, April 03, 2008

more of your favourite turtle... zips!

here is a better idea of what zips saw on his vacation to the western province of british columbia.

leaving on a jet plane...
zips was "ok" to fly, but he refused to look OUT the window once we got up in the air.
he's part turtle and part chicken.
zips went shopping to stock up on some things for the condo...
he's such a bargain finder!
zips taking a tour around courtney, bc
safety first!

zips enjoying the slightly windy weather at union bay, bc
zips eating a nanaimo bar in nanaimo, bc
he could only have one bite, it was too rich...
zips looking out over the view of cameron lake, bc

pretty isn't it??

zips says: "next stop, japan!"

zips thought this is where calamari comes from...
silly turtle...
the drive back through sutton pass was rather scary.
the rain on the coast was, of course, snow in the mountains.
the highway was almost impassible.
we saw several cars in the ditch.
one vw van was flipped on its side coming around a corner though a rather steep area.
the snowflakes were the size of my palm.
we made it safely, but we were all pretty scared'ish.
zips was keeping a watchful eye.
zips was more than relieved to get out of that mess!
we kept our focus and rewarded ourselves with some tim horton's!

zips says "bye bye" to vancouver island!

his next trip is planned for may/june... stay tuned!