Monday, September 02, 2013


Today was a shit day.  This morning a dear friend passed away.. cause is still unofficial but it is speculated that it was some sort of embolism on his artery.  Paramedics arrived after his mom found him not breathing (he was feeling ill and went to bed taking some medication that might help and she went to check on him).  The paramedics performed CPR but he was bleeding out and that just made it worse...

He would be 25 on Sunday, September 8th.

He was one of the few legitimate URLs that trafficked my blog.

He was funny.  He was a fool.  He was a romantic.  He was a dreamer.  He was a young man of simple pursuits.

He floated around life for a while, unsure of his future and not knowing what to be when he grew up.  He was less than 25 years of age but had the soul of an old and sometimes wise man.  The tragic part is that he was just starting to get his life in some order.  He found a job he actually enjoyed.  He found a lovely woman to devote his love.  He was getting onto his feet.  And by dumb, fucking luck he couldn't wake up this morning.

I've spent a lot of the day crying.  Being sad that this person no longer exists.

He was a good man.  He deserved a good life.  He did good things.  He was kind and sweet and thoughtful and goofy and foolish and smart and clever.

Earl, I wish I could build you a longship... give you a proper Viking send off... One that you deserve... Maybe have some Dubliners playing... Endless kegs of beer and some Irish coffee to end the evening... 

I will miss you.