Monday, February 13, 2006

Valentine's Day Underoo Selection

so i was thinking. what sort of underoos are you people wearing for vday? my usual attire on this solemn occasion is all black with special dedication into my underoo selection... not that you need to know, but imma share anyway... mine will be of the red satin & lace variety... no, i will not take pictures although im sure there are a few of you that wouldn't mind seeing a fat girl in her sexy underoos... i also know its not always the preference but do remember this is a blog written by a proud sexy fat chick... anyway... the tradition for wearing black with sexy knickers started back over a decade ago and has continued on ever since... i used to use the corny phrase "celibating Independence Day" but that got rather old after some years -feel free to use it however i hold no TM... but, whatever you choose to wear to mark this festive occasion (sponsored in part by Hallmark (tm) and Lindt (tm)) i certainly hope that your vday underoo selection is a conscious one!