Sunday, August 13, 2006

i hope that's a milkshake in there...

so my mates and i stopped @ the World Famous (tm) drive-in called Peter's the other day.
if you're EVER in calgary and want to have THE BEST burger, onion rings and milkshake you have to go to 16th avenue (aka The Trans Canada Highway) and stop here for some delicious eats. ok, i'm done plugging the drive-in and my ateries...

so we sit down with our food and next to us are three well-dressed l(a)ds having a nice little lunch under the overcast sky.
LDS Missionary Boys
(i took this picture quite anonymously hence the reason why i halo'ed out their faces -i thought that was a nice touch- one of the little blokes kept staring over at me -i think it was the disconcerting colour of my hair- so i had to be a bit stealthy about the whole thing)

i have always been a bit curious as to the nature of such people, to be quite honest. i have more than a healthy dose of spiritual curiosity. i have done some serious soul-searching to come up my own conclusions, which are pretty much undefinable by any religious sect, but it always fascinates me when i come across people who are on their own "mission from god". now, i'll never be converted, i just dont work that way, but it has been attempted! kudos to those who have tried. i have always thought that spirituality, religious choices and such were also tremendously personal. then again, i am a tremendously personal person. to have this desire to share your god with someone else, go out, convert, earn free toasters or frequent god miles REALLY astounds me. with that said, this is coming from a person who believes in a general purposeless to the existence of life.
i kept thinking: these little mormon boys are far away from their families, they have pretty strict rules to adhere to and their mission (as they have chosen to accept it) is to win souls for god. do they *really* understand the implications of that? the seriousness of that task? do they understand that there is a whole entire schmozzle of crap happening behind the scenes of this whole God Industry (tm)? and i realize it isn't just lds. they've just become the outlet of this post. but its everywhere. what comes with good intentions is usually built on the foundation of horrible deeds. every religious sect has done it and will continue to ad infinitum... anyway, i hope so. i hope they *really* understand.
then the other part of me giggles when i think of these little mormon boys... oh, yes, i know what you get up to! i know, from first-hand experience, exactly what it is that you get up to... and good for you!!! ;) i won't tell, i promise... your secret is safe with me... well, you me and the big g...